Irish Dancing Classes

You are interested in learning Irish dance?
You have come to the right place at our school!

No matter whether for a beginner or an already advanced dancer, we offer Irish Dance classes for kids and teenagers in all levels and cater individually to the needs and individual learning speed of our students.

Our teachers were trained in Dublin and are – among others – members of “An Coimisiún le Rinci Gaelacha”, the world’s largest federation for Irish Dancing based in Dublin, Ireland. They have many years of experience and many successful competitions under their belt and are now very happy to pass on their know-how to their students.

From traditional folk dances through competitions for traditional heavy shoe dances, including figure dances, céili dances, dance dramas, reels, jigs, hornpipes and set dances to modern dance shows featuring awe-inspiring choreographies: you can learn it all at the Irish Dance Centre Vienna!


Create impressive beats and rhythms with your heavy shoes!

What is Traditional Irish Dance?

How do we teach at Irish Dance Centre Vienna?

Basically, Irish dancing is a sport mostly done by children. The Irish Dance Center Vienna offers classes for kids and teenagers.

There are four levels: Beginner, Primary, Intermediate and Open. Competitions, called feis (pl. feiseanna) are held worldwide. In addition, there are regional competitions such as the Mainland Europe Irish Dancing Championships which allow dancers to qualify for the World Championships.

On a professional level, Irish Dance is a competitive sport which is good for body, mind and motor co-ordination. At the Irish Dance Centre Vienna, you can do competitive Irish dancing. Each dancer receives individual attention and thus can become the best dancer they can be.

Apart from that, we at Irish Dance Centre Vienna place great value on the basics because they are the foundation for a dancer’s success. Rhythm, basics and stamina are improved gradually.

There are two different styles of Irish dancing which are both equally important: heavy shoe dancing and soft-shoe dancing. The first dances you will learn are soft-shoe dances and only when you have mastered those you will begin learning the more difficult heavy shoe dances. At Irish Dance Centre Vienna, we aim to foster each of our dancers individually and according to their needs to bring out the best in them. The Irish Dance Centre Vienna offers a positive social environment which allows everyone to find both motivation and inspiration.

What exactly does our training include?

  • Dancing classes ranging from beginners to open championship level for soft-shoe, heavy shoe, céili dances and show choreographies
  • Co-ordination training
  • Fitness classes (from intermediate level)
  • Having fun while doing sports
  • Bi-lingual classes
  • Teambuilding and capacity for teamwork
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From the beginner…

At Irish Dance Centre Vienna, we place great value on the basics because they are the foundation for success. Rhythm, basics and stamina will be built up gradually.

…to a pro

The first dances you will learn are soft-shoe dances. Only when you have mastered those, you will progress to the more difficult heavy show dances.