About us

About the Irish Dance Center Vienna

The Irish Dance Center Vienna was founded in September 2001 by Ursula and Harald Habermayer. Since then the IDCV is teaching the traditional Irish dancing sport to children.

We at the IDCV value good team work and we are of the opinion, that sport does not only improve physical and mental health but that it also helps children in lots of aspects needed for their personal development.

The experiences made in sports can help make the children stronger for their future. We also put lots of importance on having a family-like atmosphere and support our students in every way, even outside of dance class.

What we offer you:

  • two certified teachers all year round
  • success at international competitions
  • combining sports and fun
  • learning discipline and creating self confidence
Lotte winning the U15 age group at the European Championships - Milan 2015

Lotte winning the U15 age group at the European Championships – Milan 2015

The Irish Dance Center Vienna at international competitions

Every year we journey to multiple dance competitions in all of Europe with our dancers, and if they quality even to the World Championships. For many parents having their children take part in a competition in different European countries means a nice change from every day dealings.

Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, Krakow, Rome, Stuttgart, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bratislava, Bucarest, Den Haague, Prague, Salzburg, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Philadelphia (USA) are some of the cities that have been visited by our dancers due to competitions.

For the children taking part in an international competition is always very exciting and lots of fun.

Our dancers’ success:

Since the founding of the IDCV our dancers have achieved amazing success:

  • 10 solo titles at the European Championships
  • 3 team titles at the European Championshpips
  • 25 dancers have qualified for the World Championships
  • Lots of dancers have won international competitions in Europe on a regular basis

Who is welcome at our school:

  • Children, who wish to learn an outstanding form of dance
  • Children, who have fun with moving
  • Children, who wish to achieve good coordination
  • Children, who do not say no to disciplined training
  • Children, who love traveling
  • Children, who love to work with others

The teachers of the Irish Dance Center Vienna

Our teachers are the first Austrians to have been trained in Ireland and who successfully passed their teaching exam (TCRG) at the An Coimisiun.
At the IDCV we put a lot of importance on individual training, which is why there are two teachers present most of the time. Therefore dance classes can be adjusted to each dancers individual needs. We take time to teach you the basics in your own time so you will soon have a great repertoire of steps and combinations and dance to lots of different choreographies.

Harald Habermayer

Harald Habermayer

Harald Habermayer

T.C.R.G. • choreographer, specialist for technique and fitness

In the course of his life, Harald has already tried and competed in many different types of sports (marathon, triathlon, cross-country skiing, artistic gymnastics, etc.). This great range of experience allows him to support our dancers individually and prepare them for competitions.

Before taking his TCRG exam, he competed at feiseanna himself and earned good placements which enables him to feel with his students and support them well during competitions.

Ursula Habermayer

Ursula Habermayer

Ursula Habermayer

T.C.R.G. • choreographer, specialist for rhythm and technique

As a certified kindergarten teacher, Ursula has everything to keep the younger dancers at Irish Dance Centre Vienna “in line”. Despite her authoritative manner, she is a veritable magnet for the children and beloved by all our young students.

When it comes to Irish dancing, she is a natural. Steps come to her easily and keeping in time is no problem at all. If you ever “tied your legs in a knot”, she’ll easily untangle them during her lessons.

She too has competed at feiseanna, thereby proving her abilities, before taking her TCRG exam. As such, she supports her students well and can calm their nerves.

Mena (Melanie) Habermayer

Mena (Melanie) Habermayer

Mena (Melanie) Habermayer

T.C.R.G • won European Championships repeatedly • cheoreographer

Mena (Melanie) is Ursula and Harald Habermayer’s daughter and grew up in the world of Irish dancing. She has inherited her mother’s talent and her father’s level of fitness which gains her many advantages. Combined with hard training, this led her to winning many competitions for Irish Dance Centre Vienna.

Mena won the European Championships 5 times (solo and team) and furthermore is the only Austrian who ever gained a recall at the All Irelands and could show off her set. In addition, she won the Aisling Award at the London World Championships in 2014 and many placements. These successes make her an inspiring role model for her students.

Because of her long experience, Mena is the main choreographer for competition steps which she puts together individually for each dancer of the IDCV to gain the best for them.

Viva (Viktoria-Vanessa) Kielar

Viva (Viktoria-Vanessa) Kielar

Viva (Viktoria-Vanessa) Kielar

Won European Championships repeatedly • fitness coach

Like so many of our dancers, Viva (Viktoria-Vanessa) spent her childhood at Irish Dance Centre Vienna. Her successes were gained through hard training and discipline, a strength which make her an inspiration for many of our dancers.

As a physiotherapist in training she is very familiar with the topics of fitness, building stamina and performance as well as injury prevention. As such, she has become the fitness coach of the IDCV.

Viva, too, won many European Championships – 4 overall (solo and team) – for Irish Dance Centre Vienna. Based on her experience, she supports Mena with some choreographies and has an open ear for all the dancers of Irish Dance Centre Vienna.